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The photos were published in the Motociclismo magazine in 2007 and in yhe Motociclismo Panamericano magazine in 2008.

Can you go to the Isle of Man simply for tourism, ignoring the most important road motorcycle race on the continent and perhaps in the world? The answer is no. But the island is beautiful, beautiful and this is a small guide to be able to experience the event and enjoy the scenic beauty that this place in the Irish Sea offers. 

Read the story published in the Motociclismo magazine.

Read the story published in the Motociclismo Panamericano magazine.

A premise: on the Isle of Man you go on motorcycles and during the TT period. Point. Then you can also do tourism, I should add, the opportunities, although we are talking about an island are truly remarkable and interesting, but the premises are essential: bike and race.
Do not listen to pontificators who arrive by plane and, if anything, out of season to visit a splendid island. The season, the only possible one for the motorcyclist, is from the end of May to mid-June.
"You have arrived at the Isle of Man and this puts you in a unique position in relation to the other British Isles" reads at the opening a brochure of the tourist board, and indeed the position of this small strip of land in the Irish Sea where on fine days it is possible to see the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland from the most panoramic points. It is truly enviable.
Its sheltered position also influences the climate which is certainly much more temperate than the lands close to it. In my third experience, I can say that I have always found good weather !!!
Arriving in Douglas during the TT period is a unique experience: the ferries churn out motorcycles in exasperating quantities. Everywhere, motorcyclists, 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles of all kinds. The city is the administrative capital of the island, active, charming, medium-sized, the point of arrival by sea. Very interesting is a visit to the "Manx Museum", dedicated to the archeology, natural sciences and history of the island, where it is possible to retrace 10,000 years of history in a very short time.
But the charm of this island must be sought elsewhere and just by leaving the city, going south in search of accommodation, we realize that it will be a week of exhilarating sensations.
The exhaust fumes (few) and the Victorian style buildings, give way to the scent of the countryside, its dazzling green, the stone walls. We will pass near the Fairy Bridge, where we must not forget to greet the friendly elf, who is said to bring luck to the competitors of the crazy event but also to spectators and tourists.
Even arriving in the race period, the races are alternated at 2-day intervals, so it is possible to indulge in tourism and visits on rest days. Let's say that 6 or 7 days may be enough to deepen your knowledge, also witnessing the most interesting races that are included in the program at the turn of Mad Sunday.
The gems for a satisfying visit are certainly the smaller villages and the secondary streets to reach the most panoramic points.
We will settle in Port Erin, in the far south, a small village housed in a well-sheltered sandy bay. The town also houses the railway museum, which is the arrival point of the historic railway, dating back to 1874, but reopened only in 2004. From here, following the A36 it is possible to get to Peel, in the western part of the island, driving between views spectacular and enjoying the tranquility of less busy rural areas. The small village, considered the cradle of Man's art, with its castle located on the islet of St Patrick and the ruins of the cathedral of St. German is undoubtedly our favorite: absolutely moving the sunsets that can be enjoyed from the long promenade that flanks the small village, enjoying, hear ye, a good ice cream, which here is one of the community's pastry chef specialties. To reach the northernmost point of the island, we will still take bucolic roads surrounded by greenery. From Point of Ayre, on fine spring days, it is possible to see the coasts of Ireland and England. The gray pebble beach shows us that from here we can only go back, keeping as close as possible to the coast. We will pass Ramsey and once we arrive in Laxey we will turn towards the mountains. Once you get to Bungalow, pointing east, the view will open up to 360 °. We are just over 500m above sea level, but what a sight !!
The roads, it seems impossible, are still narrowing, the traffic is practically non-existent, a few kilometers but really intoxicating. We recommend getting off at Ballaugh, but you can also get off quickly to Douglas.
The island is still waiting to be discovered, following the narrow streets that allow you to reach the most distant and panoramic points, whether they are on the splendid coast or in the mountainous part, located inland. The most spectacular points are undoubtedly the one to the north-east between Maughold and Laxey, the central part between Bungalow and Ballaugh or Cronk-y-Voddy and the one between Port Erin and Peel. The judgment is purely subjective, but the countryside and the view that can be enjoyed from some panoramic points along these areas are truly exciting. From the open space overlooking the Maughold lighthouse, a few kilometers east of Ramsey, naturally on fine days, it will be difficult not to remain in contemplation, completely forgetting any other type of program or commitments of the day.
An undoubtedly particular experience can be that of traveling on the historic electric railway, also dating back to the Victorian era, which follows a spectacular coastal itinerary from Ramsey to Port Erin, taking a digression, to go up to the mountains, near the island's highest peak, Snaefell, located at 621 meters above sea level.

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