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Why should i go with Landsails?

We are professionals in the tourism sector and in the enhancement of famous and less famous places in Italy. Giovanni has been working in the field of motorcycling for a lifetime, hundreds of publications in national and international magazines, with hundreds of tours in solo or accompanying groups, in Italy and around the world; Diego, a professional with twenty years of experience in tourism planning and certified expertise in the field, his contacts in the area are often surprising even for insiders, organization and logistics are a guarantee. The result is exceptional motorcycle tours predefined or customized, for groups and individuals/self-guided, where everything is perfect......for us are the details that make the difference.

What level of riding experience do I need?

All tour members must have the ability to safely handle a large motorcycle in traffic, and show competence in riding under a variety of road, traffic, and weather conditions. None of our tours are suitable for learning the basics in motorcycle riding. It’s not how many miles you have done that makes you a good rider; it is your experience that counts.

How much risk is there in Italy for traffic and roads?

Riding in Italy is and should be a pleasant experience, the roads (except in the big cities) have very little traffic and the main roads are well surfaced, we would take you on suitable routes. It is important to know and respect the road signs, which you will also find in detail in the Landsails Roadbook that will be sent to you before your arrival in Italy so that you can read it in flight. We don't advise you to ride the bike on the day of arrival in Italy as jet lag can cause you to miss important details and cause an accident, rather we advise you to take the day of arrival just as a day to walk around and stretch your legs after that long flight. We give you all the advice you need and are available to talk to you if you have any concerns before and during your trip.

When we arrive in Italy how do we get to the hotel?

The transfer from the airport to the hotel can be done independently or our agency can book a private car for you. At the hotel you can relax after your flight. If you arrive on the day of the tour, you will meet us and the rest of the group for dinner that evening. If you have decided to arrive a day or two earlier, then you will have a chance to have a look around the city and catch up on what to see and do in the city.

What sort of hotel are we staying at, and what meals come with the tour?

The accommodation booked for the tour is predominantly 4-star, chosen for its view, location or Italian ambience/style. Full service will be available in the hotels, along with a licensed restaurant in most of them. All breakfasts are included, as well as welcome and departure dinners on guided tours. Italy is world famous for its food, in our roadbook we have selected for you some restaurants to taste typical dishes from each region to try during the tour.

What does it mean to book a tour in a shared room ?

Accommodation is booked on a twin share basis. This means a single person on tour can expect to be sharing their room, single accommodation is available but subject to an addition charge known as the single room supplement. Solo riders willing to share never pay single room supplement prices with us, if we can’t find a roommate for you that is our problem, not your expense!

I have a special diet to stick to, how can this be managed on tour?

Our dinners and breakfasts are planned in advance so all we need from you are your specifications. We can arrange for your meals to be suited to your special needs. There is always a vegetarian option on the menu.


What documents/licence do I need to bring?

You’ll need to be 21 and have a valid motorcycle license and passport. No Visa’s or vaccinations are required to travel here in Italy (except Covid-19 Green Pass). Italy is a progressive European Union country. It is recommended that you have an IDP – International Driver’s Permit. Rarely do you need it to ride/rent your bike, but if there is an incident, your IDP will get the insurance to cover your expenses better than a driver’s license. It is recommended to get this 2 months before your travel date. Check this link to know how to get the IDL in your country http://www.drivers.com/article/207/

What is the damage security deposit?

For rented bikes a deposit for damage theft and fire, between 1.250 and 3.000 euros is required depending on the chosen model. This amount will be frozen on your credit card, but not cashed. The deposit is your maximum liability for theft or damage to the vehicle. Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover the damage deposit on your cards.

Do I need to have an helmet and other protection?

Helmets are mandatory in Italy. It is essential that you bring one with you. We can supply helmets, but It would be best to use one that you are comfortable with (there’s nothing worse than a tight helmet; and nothing more dangerous than one that doesn’t fit properly). We strongly recommend that you bring your own motorcycle boots, armoured jackets, rain gear and gloves. It will not be possible to hire this equipment in Italy.

What do we do with our luggage?

On guided tours there is a luggage/back up van and driver on tour with you; you will not need to over pack your motorcycle. Your luggage is delivered to your room and is waiting for you when you arrive at the destination. All bikes are equipped with side cases, top case and tank bag. For self guided you will need to organise clothing for transport but consider that almost all tours take place during the hot Italian season, so all you will need to bring are fairly light clothes.

Can some one ride in the van if needed?

Of course. Some times pillions will want a break from riding every day and the van is there to use. Sometimes friends or family who don’t ride come along, the van is there for them as well or they may wish to travel by car. The tours in Italy are well suited to have friends travel the tours in cars.

When do we get to ride?

Your reserved bike will be at the hotel or rental, depending on the tour, ready for the first ride. The first day of the tour starts the morning after arrival.

Do we have to ride in a group?

No. There are no rules about riding in formation, no “you have to do….” We want you to ride your own ride. This means you don’t need to try to keep up with the speedsters, or slow your pace to match the toddlers. If you want to ride with others then do so, if you want to ride alone then that’s fine. We ask that you arrive safely at the hotel for the evening dinner. There will be a guide riding on a motorcycle if you want to follow him/her some days, you are free to choose.

How will we know where to go?

On the first evening there is a dinner with the guide and you will be given map books, roadbooks, an overview of the tour and a briefing on the first day’s itinerary. After dinner we discuss riding here in Italy and the differences from what you a used to back home. The tour books comes in very handy at this point as the guides who will be riding with you will be going through the information provided, every night such as daily itineraries, distances, time on route, suggestions of highlights you may want to see and directions to the hotel.

Do we ride every day?

Yes if you want to. All the tours feature two or more free days where the opportunity to sight see, and rest and relax, in one town is available. For those who wish to take a break this is a good time to do so, however there is always an invitation to ride and check out some of the local great roads.

What if I leave the tour?

If for any reason you leave the tour, all transportation for yourself, your luggage and vehicle is your responsibility. We will assist as far as possible and any arrangements are subject to the tour guide.

What costs should I allow for during the tour?

You will need to bring enough money (or have available on your credit card) to cover gasoline ($40-€35 per day), tolls on motorways, parking, lunches, drinks, and extra activities that you would fit in on a free day. Elements not included in the tourist package are indicated in the trip description.

Should I have medical insurance?

First aid is guaranteed to anyone and emergency medical personnel throughout Italy. We suggest that anyone traveling abroad for one of our Tours consider purchasing a specific “Travel Insurance”.


What are the payment terms?

- 30% for the down payment of the trip at the time of booking (the down payment will be fully refunded if the minimum number of participants is not reached, or in a way agreed between the parties the tour will be carried out with different methods/services)
- 70% for the balance of the trip 60 days before departure.

What are the cancellation terms?

- If the booking is cancelled up to 60 days before the departure date, 20% will be retained, 80% of the deposit can be used for another trip;
- if the booking is cancelled between 59 and 30 days, 50% will be retained, the other 50% can be used for another trip;
- if the booking is cancelled between 29 and 0 days before the start of the rental period, the organiser will retain the total amount.

And finally….?

We offer you the chance to have an unfogettable adventure in Italy on motorcycles. We are not going to push you beyond your limits, ask you to pass some gruelling test with nature, and we won’t just hand you the keys and say “adios”! You will however push your own boundaries and may step out of your own comfort zone should you wish. You will have the time of your life and get to ride on some of the best motorcycle riding roads and the most beautiful scenery in the world.


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