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Article published in Euromoto magazine in 2008.

On the national scene there are BMW Days which are privately managed by the various motorcycle clubs, which imitate the main event in the world of the propeller that takes place in Garmish. Then there are ideas that are born for fun, perhaps even as a challenge trying to create a valid tourist alternative. The Motoclub of Pescara has decided for this year to raise the bar with a national appointment: not static but itinerant in one of the most impressive and engaging Apennine scenarios: the Abruzzo one. They asked me for help in preparing the itinerary and this is the result.

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When these situations happen to me, I feel like a lucky person. Being asked by a group of friends to organize a 4-day tour in what is my region as well as one of my favorites, can only be a source of satisfaction. The itinerary, needless to say, is the most suggestive that can be proposed, although there are, of course, several possible alternatives. We start from Pescara to discover a region that has so much to offer to the motorbike tourist, driving on fantastic roads with little traffic, in search of the most beautiful places of this land, in the heart of Italy, discovering landscapes, good food and testimonies historical artistic. Are you ready? In June, "strong and gentle" Abruzzo awaits you.

It starts from Pescara, overlooking the sea, but that's all, the Adriatic will reappear at the end of the itinerary, after a few days, after almost 700km of beautiful roads, to return to the charming capital, guests of the local BMW dealership, or if not you should happen during the period of the event, simply to taste some other dish of the local cuisine. The 2 giants of the Apennines are the protagonists of the route to which, however, the Abruzzo national park and the Campotosto lake route must be added. The project has all the cards to be quite successful, thanks also and above all to the beauty of the roads and the views offered.

It starts by taking the SS81 that crosses Chieti before heading towards the southern part of the Maiella. A must stop in Guardiagrele to taste the "sise di monaca", a pastry specialty typical of this small town, and take a walk in its historic center.

The road unrolls very panoramically between green hills but on uninspiring asphalt. This is probably the stretch that from the point of view of the guide gives less confidence and satisfaction, but at the entrance to the SS84 things change abruptly, keeping the spectacular qualities of the track unaltered until the entrance to Sulmona. The small towns of Lama dei Peligni, Palena, Campo di Giove pass in rapid succession, before literally diving towards Pacentro and the Peligna valley with an impressive series of hairpin bends with a breathtaking view. Sulmona is one of the most interesting historic cities in the region, also famous for the production of sugared almonds and a well-deserved stop before entering the Abruzzo national park through the spectacular Sagittario gorges: beautiful with excellent asphalt but with a rather narrow roadway that imposes in a minimum of prudence. After Scanno the road returns to "normal" in terms of width and after another motorcycle apnea that allows you to cross the Godi pass, you reach the vicinity of Lake Barrea. At this point the competitive trance can only be interrupted by the passengers or by the arrival of the day in Celano. The only attention just after Pescasserroli: turn right following the signs for Bisegna, S. Sebastiano. The road that leads from Celano to L’Aquila is another gem of a road. Here too, once you have reached the top of the plateau of the fortresses, it is advisable to take the Rocca di Cambio to arrive in the most spectacular way, in the regional capital which at least deserves a quick visit. At this point when satisfaction is already about to leave a certain sense of satisfaction, suddenly, the coup de grace: the plain of Campo Imperatore. Impossible to remain insensitive to this true spectacle of nature: cows and horses in the wild, scattered over endless pastures. No, we are definitely not in Tibet, but geography tries to deceive us.

This ancient lake bed extends for a maximum length of 27 km., With a width of 7-8 km. And even going down to Assergi the experience can only be amazing !! It is useless to repeat ourselves in confirming the quality of the road surface that goes hand in hand with the spectacular landscape, which will also accompany us as we proceed north to the Capannelle pass and to the lake of Campotosto, another university in the fold, very popular with "undergraduates" locals!! From Amatrice a bit of rest up to Ascoli, to resume the SS81 that had already accompanied us in the first kilometers of the journey. After a few kilometers it is impossible not to notice the spectacular fortress of Civitella del Tronto, and not to take a walk in the alleys of the town clinging to the rocky spur dominated by this bulwark which for centuries has been impregnable. We are really on the home straight and the Adriatic Sea, reappeared, accompanies us until we return to Pescara.

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