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Giovanni was born on May 13th 1962 in Pescara. Since he was very young he has always been interested in trips and motorbikes, but the fact that he was concentrating on beeing a semi-professional basketball player in the Italian B division league, made him take distance from his motorbike passion for about two decades, up to 1994, when after several sport injuries he decided to leave the basketball world.

Then he starts to develop his skills, amplyfing step by step his goals, times and commitments related to travels. The turning point is 1997 through the purchase of a reflex camera: the mythical Nikon FM2, just before backpacking Chile with a sleeping bag. It’s the end! Before his first motorbike journey to Iceland, the further purchase of a Nikon F90 confirms definitely his diagnosis: “Photography illness”.

In 2000, after the first motorbyke “long range” experience in South America, two and a half months with 19.000 km routes between Argentina and Chile to Tierra del Fuego, and then the turning point he did a photographic vision and presentation of the photos to a specialized magazine. Proposal for Collaborations started to go up, he worked for the main magazines in the sector, which last for about 10 years, with an average annual production of around 250 pages, all within the sphere of motorcycle tourism, with particular attention to Italian itineraries.

Also active are 4 covers in Speciali di Motociclismo magazine,  plus one for Mototurismo.

In 2002 his pictures were requested by Aprilia for the Aprilia Caponord catalog.

In 2003, he provides photographic materials for the realization of 10 itineraries, about the Prometheus project, sponsored by the Abruzzo Region Tourism Promotion.

From 2003 to 2011, BMW Motorrad provides him means and resources for many Italian, European and transcontinental journeys.

From 2001 to 2009, Honda Italia lended him two motorbikes to produce photo reports in Italy, Europe and Asia.

In 2006 and for the following four years he kept on coworking with tour agencies specialized in motorbikes tourism, preparing and supporting new itineraries with good success. He also kept developing such activity by his own for small groups.

From 2006 to 2013 he sells some of his pictures to touring department of TCX Boots and Diadora.

In 2007 he contributed with 5 itineraries to the creation of the book "By motorbike for Italy, central, south and islands" published by the De Agostini Geographic Institute.

In 2008 he started a partnership with the Mexican magazine Motociclismo Panamericano, which lasted for about two years.

One of his pictures has been selected for BMW Motorrad Calendar 2008 (April)

From 2009 to 2016, he collaborates with SL&A specialized in micro holidays in Italy, with which he organizes mini tours, also of medium length, in Italy to discover the most enchanting and unknown places of our peninsula, proposing 2 or 3 trips by year. This activity continues to do it in private for mini groups of enthusiasts.

Since 2011 he has been publishing a weekly column for almost 2 years in the online newspaper Roseto.com

Since 2016, the collaboration as a guide begins, for agencies specializing in welcoming foreign motorcyclists in Italy, with itineraries exclusively designed for a cosmopolitan target, basicly from United States, but also few australians, mexicans, south korean and russians.

He had travelled more than a million and half kilometers, but he still enjoy the road, despite the commitments, solo journeys of medium and long range.

The most important raids and trips up to now :

1995- Berlin-Cyprus, 8.600 km, raid through the Balkans

1997- AlpiRaid, 4.300 km, 18 days, the entire Alpine arc, 113 passes on-off road

1998- Iceland, 4 weeks, 10.200 km

1999- Libya, 3 weeks, 6.000 km

2000- South America, Argentina and Chile, 2 and a half months, 17.000 km, the first great journey

2000- Baltic Republics, Russia, Scandinavia, 5 weeks, 11.500 km, 2 motorcycles for Aprilia Caponord brochure

2001- United States, New York-Los Angeles, arriving in Alaska, 3 months, 30.000 km, solo

2001- United States, the parks of the south-west, 6 weeks, 14.000 km, solo

2002- South America, 4 months, 31.000km, solo

2003- Central America, Mexico City - Panama and back, 3 months, 21.000 km, solo

2004- Iceland, 4 weeks, 9.000km, solo

2005- Scandinavia, 4 weeks, 12.000 km solo

2006- Tunisia- Libya, 4 weeks, 7.000 km, solo

2006- Italy- Samarkand and return, 6 weeks, 17.000 km, following the group as a photographer, back home trip alone

2006- Patagonia, 4 weeks, 9.000km, as tour leader.

2007- Central America and Northern Mexico, 3 months, 20.000 km, solo

2008- Iceland, 4 weeks 10.000 km, as tour leader

2008- Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina 5 weeks, 8.300 km, as tour leader

2009- Alaska, 4 weeks, 9.300km, as tour leader

2009- New Zealand, 5 weeks, 8.800 km, as tour leader

2010- Italy- Iran- Samarkand, as tour leader, solo return, 17.900 km

2010- Patagonia, Santiago- Ushuaia- Santiago, 2 months, 10.000 km

2011- Asia, Tashkent-Italy, 5 weeks, 11.000 km, tour leader

2011- Iceland, 4 weeks, 10.500 km, solo

2012- Turkey, 3 weeks, 6.900 km, solo

2012- Norway, 3 weeks, 9.200 km, tour leader

2012- Pamir- Italy, 5 weeks, 12.500 km, tour leader

2013- Ireland, 3 weeks, 8.400 km, solo

2014- Romania, 10 days, 4.200 km, tour leader

2014- Pamir- Mongolia, 5 weeks, 7.600 km, tour leader

2015- Bulgaria, 10 days, 3.500 km, tour leader

2015- Northcape, 4 weeks, km 12.500, tour leader

2016- Normandia and Bretagna, 10 days, 4.000 km, tour leader

2017- Patagonia- Chile and Argentina, 2 and a half months, 13.200 km, solo

2018- Greece, 2 weeks, 3,500 km, tour leader

2018- Balkans, 3 weeks, 5.500 km, solo

2018- Corsica, 10 days, 2.000 km, tour leader

2019- Portugal, 2 weeks, 4.500 km, tour leader

2019- Western Alps and Mercantour National Park, 9 days , 1.800km, tour leader

2020- Sardegna, 8 days, 1.900km, tour leader

2020- Corsica, 7 days, 1.600 km, tour leader

2020- Southern Italy- coast to coast, 8 days, 2.100 km tour leader

2021- Sicily, 9 days, 1.500 km, tour leader

2021- Central Italy, 8 days, 1900 km, tour leader

2022- Tuscany, 4 days, 500 km, tour leader

2022- Andalsuia, Spain, 11 days, 2.100km, tour leader

2022- Europe, 50 days, 15,000 km, solo

2022- Southern Italy, 10 days, 2.100 km, tour leader

2022- Abruzzo, 4 days, 565 km, tour leader

2022- Greece, 10 days, 2.450 km, tour leader

2022- Umbria, 4 days, 640 km, tour leader

2022- Basilicata, 4 days, 400 km, tour leader

2023- Tuscany, 4 days, 495 km, tour leader

2023- Puglia, 4 days, 570 km, tour leader

2023- Scotland, 15 days, 6,900 km, tour leader

2023- Western Alps, 5 days, 625 km, tour leader

2023- Morocco, 14 days, 4254 km, tour leader

2023- Spain and France, 15 days, 4200 km, solo

2023- Emilia, 5 days, 790 km, tour leader

2024- Tuscany, 4 days, 417 km, tour leader

2024- Southern Italy, 6 days, 2285 km, tour leader

2024- Sicily, 10 days, 1872 km, tour leader


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