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Gianni ZanardiniItaly

Gianni Zanardini

"Hello Giovanni? How are you?

But how do you get there in Palermo for the tour of Sicily scheduled for June? "

The answer is peremptory: "By road!"

I join, we leave a week before the meeting in Palermo, from Giovanni's house that I reached, fish dinner with friends and then to sleep as a guest at his house.

Sunday morning we descend towards the south zigzagging from east to west from the Adriatic Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea, to the Ionian Sea and back to the Tyrrhenian Sea, a coast to coast on remote roads (who knows how he find them).

With Giovanni in front of making the trajectories it is easy for me to drive as if he were dragging me.

From a mozzarella and a buffalo cannolo, to a lemon granita on Mondays on the Amalfi coast with little traffic, we go down along the sea.

Tuesday we go east to the Sila National Park, it seems to me to cross the green woods of the North, stop in Longobucco a village swallowed up by the mountains, a glass of wine and a plate of fresh pasta covered with grated caciocavallo, then again on the bike until evening, still on the sea, but this is the Ionian.

In the morning we set off again towards the west, again on the Sila NP, here the landscape changes, it is more "southern" with warmer lights and colors.

You sleep in Tropea, this time on the Tyrrhenian Sea, a swim in the sea and then a delicious fish dinner.

It's Thursday, we have to take the ferry to Messina but first we make a stop in Scilla and its small beautifull port.

In Messina we go up the San Rizzo hill for a "wretched loaf" that has nothing to envy to the "pane cunzato" then we go down to the sea at Capo Milazzo, scenic stop and then reach Capo d’Orlando, beautiful evening, fish dinner.

Last day of transfer, from tomorrow the official tour begins, Nebrodi Mountains, then Madonie Mountains, spectacular roads, we are just the two of us there is no one, in Castelbuono stop for a brioche filled with ice cream and again on the bike down on the seafront up to Bagheria, we stay at the train station, this is also a nice surprise, like that of sleeping in the house on wheels in Marina del Cantone. Dinner at Giovanni's friend Buttitta, grilled squid shrimp cocktail and then in bed to count the sirens of the trains as they arrive at the station.

An itinerant week flown in an instant, by motorbike, along roads never traveled.

From Bergamo to Palermo 2500 km, mostly on unknown roads, an enogastronomicocultural transfer, surprisingly exciting every day to be enjoyed in all its moments… .. thanks Giovanni!

Tomorrow I will meet in Palermo with friends already known for the tour of the island, one more week of roads, motorcycles, freedom.


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