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Center Italy - South Italy - Sardinia - Sicily / From 6.000 €

The Best Motorcycle Tour on Southern Italy - Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria and Amalfi Coast - 2899 km / 1800 mi

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Start: Rome
Finish: Rome
Duration: 15 days / 14 nights
Riding time/day: 7h
Total distance: 2899 km
Tour guide: Giovanni
Luggage van: on
Difficulty 1/3 Difficulty 1/3:

This motorcycle tour is undoubtedly the trip we recommend to do at least once in a lifetime! 
Ready?? The beating, vital and mysterious heart of the Mediterranean awaits us.

Sardinia and Sicily are the largest islands in the Mediterranean, a real paradise for riders, there are well-maintained roads, with not so much traffic, often with perfect asphalt, fabulous cuisine and spectacular beaches. Calabria is wedged forcefully between the splendid waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian, lapping Sicily, separated only by the Strait of Messina, which we will cross in this fantastic experience. And finally, we will seize yet another opportunity to further enrich an already unique and unforgettable travel experience by riding our motorcycles along one of the most famous landscapes in the world, that of the famous Amalfi Coast. Magna Graecia and the Roman Empire frame the entire trip. Lots of stuff, a journey that may seem challenging but we assure you surprises every day and unforgettable moments. 

Tour stages

Day 1: welcome to Rome!

Highlights: Rome

Welcome to Rome! Try to arrive a few days earlier to explore this "Eternal City", where time has stopped…those who have visited it undoubtedly define it as the most magnificent city in the world. We meet at the hotel, you will have some free time to relax or do some sightseeing before the safety briefing. Afterwards we will enjoy a welcome dinner together in a traditional Italian restaurant (Lazio regional cuisine).

Day 2:  from Rome to Civitavecchia km 231 / miles 143

Highlights: Fara in Sabina, Lake Bracciano, ferry boarding

Departure at 9 am, we have a whole day to board the night ferry from Civitavecchia and we will try to make the most of it while driving our motorcycles. We will leave the "Eternal City" following one of the most famous consular roads, the ss5 Tiburtina. In Tivoli we will take the ss636 to reach Fara in Sabina, then the Bracciano lake. We are on the home straight, a spectacular panoramic road will accompany us in the last kilometers with the Tyrrhenian sea as a backdrop. In Civitavecchia we will have time to enjoy a fish-based dinner in a local restaurant before boarding.

Day 3: from Olbia to Alghero km 276 / miles 171

Highlights: Tempio Pausania, Valley of the Moon, Castelsardo, Stintino

It starts from Olbia. As always, you go along the longest route, the one that passes from Tempio Pausania, Valle della Luna and the beautiful fortified village of Castelsardo, up to the wonderful Stintino, with its velvet beaches and its transparent sea. Before the arrival of the stage, the unforgettable vertigo of the cliff of the Neptune's Caves. The historic center of Alghero, surrounded by its fortified walls, retains the charm and language of the ancient city of Catalan origin.

Day 4: from Alghero to Sugologone km 234 / miles 145

Highlights: Alghero-Bosa coastal road, Losa nuraghe, Bosa, Gennargentu, Orgosolo murals, Sugologone

On our motorcycles and it could not be otherwise, towards Bosa, a stretch along the coast, which to define spectacular, appears reductive from the first curves. Bosa is a beautiful fishing village. Continue along roads with perfect asphalt up to the stop in the ancient village of Santu Lussurgiu and the splendid Nuragic complex of Losa, the most beautiful on the island, in our opinion also the most photogenic, which requires a guided tour. The Gennargentu massif awaits us, will we travel in absolute lack of traffic, will we be able to find the right direction? We will arrive, almost unexpectedly, in Orgosolo. The springs of Sugologone, which house an exclusive hotel and one of the best meat restaurants in Sardinia, await us.

Day 5: from Sugologone to Cagliari ferry km 259 / miles 161

Highlights: ss125 Orientale Sarda, Costa Rei, boarding the ferry

Taking the eastern Sardinian ss125, one of the most beautiful on the island, gives us a pleasant shiver down our back every time we face it, a road to be devoured in a few moments, with an infinite view, the sea in the distance, majestic mountains, asphalt as best one could not hope for. We do not believe in perfection, we are, we must be demanding, but we do it for you and here we get really close!! Arrived at the crossroads of Arbatax, we continue to Muravera and we will cross one of our streets, which in complete solitude, will allow us to get to know the Costa Rei. Once in Villasimius, following the coast road will be child's play to enter Cagliari for night boarding.

Day 6: from Palermo to Bagheria and back km 110 / miles 68

Highlights: Santa Rosalia, Mondello, Guttuso museum, Bagheria

Upon arrival, a tasty surprise awaits us, a breakfast with typical cannoli accompanied by a good coffee in our favorite pastry shop, before starting the tour of the regional capital: the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, the bay of Mondello, Monreale, where it is mandatory to stop for a visit to its spectacular Cathedral, the municipality of Bagheria. The return to Palermo will take place after the short detour in the incredible port of Porticello and on the promontory of Capo Zafferano.

Day 7: from Palermo to Agrigento km 196 / miles 122

Highlights: Monreale cathedral, Ficuzza palace, Corleone, Palazzo Adriano, Prizzi

On the road again, heading decisively towards Piana degli Albanesi, heading inland and following a triangle of roads with the characteristic villages of Corleone, Palazzo Adriano and Prizzi at the top. We are in a forgotten Sicily, where the view sweeps endlessly and thoughts run free like our motorcycles. The arrival will be in Agrigento.

Day 8: from Agrigento to Syracuse km 236 / miles 146

Highlights:Valley of the Temples, Villa Romana del Casale, Syracuse

Day dedicated to visits, the important ones, which make the difference, even in such an experience and cannot be avoided on any trip to Sicily: the Valley of the Temples and Villa Romana del Casale. The arrival of the stage will be Syracuse, considered one of the largest metropolises in the ancient world, as well as the largest Greek city.

Day 9: from Syracuse to Taormina km 183 / miles 114

Highlights: excursion to the crater of Mount Etna

Let's start the day by pushing north and today's absolute protagonist, the Etna Park. Once in Nicolosi, we will take the spectacular road that climbs to the Sapienza Refuge, the starting point for excursions to the crater. Once we return to the parking lot and get back on our motorcycles, we will head towards Linguaglossa, skirting the east side driving on another incredible panoramic road, to end the day arriving in Taormina.

Day 10: Taormina, rest km 0 / miles 0

Highlights: Taormina

Nestled in the mountains of the Sicilian east coast, Taormina is certainly one of the main tourist destinations in all of southern Italy. In the background, clearly visible, Mount Etna, which we now know well. The city is known for its spectacular ancient theatre, dating back to the Greek-Roman period, still in operation today. An enviable place to enjoy a day of well-deserved rest, relaxing in the sun or shopping in the shops of its characteristic alleys.

Day 11: from Taormina to Cosenza km 301 / miles 188

Highlights: Scilla, Tropea, Pizzo Calabro, La Sila

As the Sicilians say, today we return to the "continent". This part of the itinerary is certainly one of our favorites, we are not very objective it is true, but Calabria is undoubtedly one of the most welcome and amazing surprises that Italy can offer to those who manage to go this far. We will immediately notice it by driving on the spectacular coastal stretch that will lead us to Scilla and then Bagnara. Short stop in Tropea, then in Pizzo to taste the Pizzo truffle and arrive in Cosenza.

Day 12: from Cosenza to Maratea km246 / miles 153

Highlights: Morano Calabro, Mormanno, ss18, Maratea

In the saddle crossing the Monte Botte Donato pass and passing through S. Fili, beating towards Paola from the fantastic, lonely, old state road 107 Silana Crotonese. A few kilometers following the coast before resuming the march towards the interior and the Pollino massif, and what a march! SP263, then SP 139 and 241, are just numbers on the road map, but not for us; Morano Calabro, with its cascade of houses and Mormanno are spectacular villages, right where you would not expect to find them. From here another dive towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, towards Scalea, to take the final stretch following the SS18 that will lead us to Maratea, "the pearl of the Tyrrhenian".

Day 13: from Maratea to Positano km 270 / miles 168

Highlights: SS18, Palinuro, Cilento National Park, Amalfi coast, Positano

You leave Maratea driving along the coast, the fantastic ss18, the seaside resorts follow one another: Scario, Marina di Camerota and Palinuro, the mythical helmsman of Aeneas, after a lot of sea we continue now, along the splendid internal roads of the park. From Montano Antilia, the highest town in Cilento, the ss18, yes always it, will give the best of itself. The last episode on the sea to touch Acciaroli and Castellabate before diving into the chaotic traffic of the Battipaglia plain. We are at the end on the Amalfi coast, the destination, another one, of this incredible journey!

Day 14: from Positano to Rome km 359 / miles 223

Highlights: Amalfi coast, Pompeii archaeological excavation

We are in the home straight, on our last day of travel we will cross the part of the Amalfi coast that is missing from the call. Steep cliffs and the usual crystalline green sea, other unforgettable sceneries, visions between myth and dream. Amalfi, Sorrento, to arrive in Pompeii in the late morning. Once the visit is over, the motorway exit is a few hundred meters away, Rome a couple of hours’ drive.

Day 15: Goodbye!

Highlights: Rome

We say goodbye after breakfas, hoping that you have enjoyed your motorcycle tour through the most beautiful destinations in Italy. If you want you can spend a few more days in the beautiful city of Rome. Thank you, see you on the next motorcycle tour with Landsails Motorcycle Tours!

Best food experience

The typical dishes of Italian gastronomy and the flavors of tradition that combine taste and territory. Guide, naturally by motorbike, to regional cuisine:

Who does not know the fregola (or fregula)? The typical Sardinian semolina pasta obtained through the use of a large earthenware bowl and subsequently toasted in the oven. Perfect for the most varied recipes, it is very versatile and tasty especially for the summer season.

Suggested wine: Vermentino.


Motorcycle model Rider Shared Room Rider Single Room Rider with passanger
MODEL TYPE A € 6.000,00 € 7.000,00 € 9.750,00
MODEL TYPE B € 6.100,00 € 7.100,00 € 9.850,00
MODEL TYPE C € 6.200,00 € 7.200,00 € 9.950,00
MODEL TYPE D € 6.300,00 € 7.300,00 € 10.050,00
MODEL TYPE E € 6.400,00 € 7.400,00 € 10.150,00
MODEL TYPE F € 6.600,00 € 7.600,00 € 10.350,00
Bmw F 750 GS

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone

BMW F 850 GS

BMW F 900 R


Ducati Multistrada V2


DUCATI scrambler 1100

BMW S 1000 R




BMW R 1250 R

BMW R1250 GS

Ducati Multistrada V4


BMW S 1000 XR

BMW R1250 RT


BMW K 1600 GLT

YAMAHA Tenere 700

Moto Morini Excape 650

BMW C 650 GT

BMW GS 310

DUCATI Scrambler 800




BMW R 1300 GS


What's included

  • All overnight stays (beautiful hotels with regional atmosphere) during the whole tour with breakfast 
  • Welcome and farewell dinner in Rome; 
  • Ferry ticket: Civitavecchia to Olbia (Sardinia), Cagliari (Sardinia) to Palermo (Sicily)
  • Expert multilingual guide on a motorcycle; 
  • Support vehicle which will carry your luggage, any oversized purchases you make; and and space for passengers (limited) on entire tour;
  • New model motorcycle fully equipped with 3 suitcases
  • Third party liability insurance for motorcycles and deductible according to the booked model;
  • Michelin maps highlighted with the route
  • Welcome briefing by experts to review all aspects of your tour
  • Roadbook Landsails with safety tips, route, tourist information/attractions, booked hotels and list of recommended restaurants
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Nice gadgets

Whats's not included

  • all services not mentioned such as: airfare, lunches, fuel, drinks, tolls, personal expenses and tips

Optional services

  • airport transefrs;
  • additional services before or after the tour on request (e.g. extra overnight stays, other tours in Italy, etc.);
  • optional deductible reduction on included motorcycle insurance.

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