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april 2022


Andalusia is the southernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula, therefore also the one that has suffered most from the Arab influence, clearly visible and found in its architecture and in some of the major artistic attractions it offers the traveler. A vast territory, where the Spanish economic boom, in addition to irreparably disfiguring the coasts, however, contributed to the creation of a very efficient road system and in some cases, which we went to search with moderate success, very suitable for motorcycling and tourism.

Vandalusia, as the Vandals called this land that goes south just a few kilometers from Africa, also grasping the beneficial climatic influences, like no other part of the European continent. It is no secret that Andalusia can afford to send its visitors for a good half of the year to bask on its beaches lapped by sparkling waters. Solar land, as solar are its inhabitants, lovers of company and fun, whether it is to enjoy tapas in one of the numerous bars, or to keep up a fiestas until late hours. In Andalusian cities, modernity and nightlife coexist with spectacular Islamic and Christian monuments, splendid, fascinating, rich in shapes, history and colors. The coasts are perhaps the sore point of this area: heavy urbanization has probably affected its original beauty and, especially in the Mediterranean part, even the smallest centers have become real industries for mass tourism. But it is enough to go inside the region to enter another dimension, made up of villages of white houses, between rugged mountains and green hills, where you still live with the rhythm of the seasons: here olive trees, vines are grown, orange and almond trees, between hot summers and freezing winters. The majestic landscapes of land and sea offer countless ideas for itineraries and this is just one example.

Thank you all:

Stefania YAMAHA MT 09 SP

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Ferdinand BMW R 1250 GS

Gianni BMW R 1250 GS

Roberto BMW R 1250 GS

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