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Scott NillUSA

Scott Nill

"My Italian Alps & Dolomites tour exceeded all expectations!
This trip was scheduled to celebrate my 50th birthday, combining my love of motorcycling along with my favorite motorcycle manufacturer (Ducati), riding what I had imagined to be spectacular panoramic roads made by artisans. I was not disappointed in the least! Giovanni  (our tour guide), greeted us with sincere humility and respect, as well as genuine excitement to share with us all the splendors he knew were waiting for us. Giovanni was immediately approachable, and we quickly became instant friends. We sat down to a very delicious authentic Italian dinner, discussed the trip in general, along with basic riding etiquette and local customs (and laws) to acquaint us with a general understanding of what to expect in the days to follow.
We checked our machines, confirmed our gear was properly secured, and set off on Day 1. Leaving Milan headed north into the base of the mountain region, it was hard to maintain my eagerness and excitement. Luckily, with having 30+ years riding experience I was able to ride AND enjoy the scenery along the way. Giovanni led the tour at a modest pace, making sure we were maintaining proper distances, and gauging our familiarity with riding, and riding in a small group in general. Once we had some time together on the bikes, Giovanni would pull back where he knew we could leap ahead letting us control the pace, up until he saw us getting either close to a turn-off point, or an area to where his instincts knew that his intimate knowledge of the area would be better suited to take the lead again.
I had a helmet-mounted GoPro (as did Giovanni), which I captured 100's of videos, and 1000's of pictures. Every day the landscape seemed to be MORE AMAZING than the day before. Every day the food, the local residents, the lodging seem to be even more impressive than the day before. Every day, with each new mountain pass we traversed, was as unique, interesting, and challenging than the day before.
One day I remember riding at a pretty aggressive pace (riding a brand new Ducati SuperSport on roads I've never been on, with no guardrails, at speeds that we probably "slightly" above the posted limits), as I was leaned over (not nearly as low as Valentino Rossi) I rounded a bend, and before my eyes was such an amazing and unbelievably stunning mountain range that I started crying at the sheer beauty of it all. I had to stop to regain my composure, and began laughing at the overwhelming joy of the moment I was experiencing. (This is a true story!)
Giovanni's experience riding motorcycles (believe me, this guy CAN RIDE!!!), along with his genuine ability to connect with new friends such as me, and the local residents, offered a very special experience I will never forget.
I highly recommend Giovanni and Landsails Motorcycle Tours!
They will deliver a TRUE RIDING EXPERIENCE!"


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