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Ferdinand JorgensenDenmark

Ferdinand Jorgensen

Some bikers are like lonely wolfs. They drive to the North Pole o Sahara all alone.

I am not that type of a biker!

On the other hand, I have participated in groups with so many bikes, that filling up with gasoline or having a coffee break takes more than an hour.

With Giovanni I have found what I was looking for. Small groups. Participants selected according to their capability as bikers. Daily program with carefully selected secondary, panoramic and curved roads. Never highways. Often with a stop or two at historic, archeological or just interesting places, to arrive late afternoon at your already booked hotel and restaurant.

All seems so easy if you haven’t tried to arrange it yourself.

Giovanni is both a lonely wolf and a most socially engaged kind of person. He has seen most of the world all by him self on his bike, and arranged tours with different groups of bikers for months, weeks or days. All over the world. This CV gives you an experience that is very valuable and most wanted as a tour guide.

Lately I went to Sicily for a week with a group of 7 bikers arranged by Giovanni.

Sicily offers you beautiful roads, culture, archeology, beaches, mountains (Mount Etna), a variety of good food hardly found elsewhere.

We tried it all: The best place for Sicilian breakfast after arrival with the ferry to Palermo, Erice and its almond cookies, Segesta with its Greek temple, Porto Palo with Sicily’s best fish restaurant, in my opinion of course, Bronte where they produce pistachios (you would be surprised where you can use pistachios) and Targa Florio.

Late 1906 Sicily introduced the first car race in the world. Targa Florio it was called. They came from all over Europe with their fantastic cars and pilots to participate every year until it was abolished in 1976 after a fatal accident. The curved roads are still there, now in much better condition. Of course the roads of Targa Florio were inserted into our program. We felt the atmosphere and saw the museum.

All carefully arranged. Daily tours downloaded to your navigator with points of interest, hotels and restaurants inserted.

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